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If You Notice These 3 Signs Then Know That She Is Not In Love With You

Some signs that a woman is no longer in love with her boyfriend or husband can be seen in their behavior. Many men aren't aware of the warning signs despite the fact that they are all too common. 

An unhappy woman will start behaving badly when she is in a relationship with you and she is not happy. 

When you're dating a woman, it's imperative that you learn how to behave properly. 

If a woman exhibits any of the following three characteristics, she is not madly in love with you. 

1. You send her a text message, but she doesn't respond. 

Not responding to your texts is a sign that a lady has had enough of you. Some women do this to their ex-boyfriends when they are no longer emotionally invested in the relationship. 

If you notice this behavior in your partner or girlfriend, it's time to reevaluate her feelings for you as a man. 

2. You irritate her all the time. 

It may be a sign that a woman no longer cares for you if she becomes irate at your presence over trivial matters. 

It's a sign she's bored with you as a guy if she does this. 

3. You can't reach her on the phone because she doesn't answer. 

Refusing to return your phone calls could be a sign that she doesn't value your friendship. An awkward conversation with a guy you don't like can be difficult for a girl to pull off. 

It's an indication that she doesn't give a damn about you if you notice this in a girl. If she's no longer interested, you can either try to reclaim her love or look for love elsewhere. 

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