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How to deal with a crush when it comes to approach you

Some says falling in love it's a gift of love, while some says being in love is a surprise willing to happen to everyone who believes. So i will say falling in love is a power that need only you to take part and win or fail. So nobody is will willing to see themselves fall or fail. Just that nature bknows how to eliminate after a little bit of time if your not fit to grow together.

Some fall in love with dating after a long space of time, some fall in love because a friend asked another friend for someone to love. So some takes a fall of feeling deeper through crushing to someone they have feelings for. To that one it's a long journey only if your scared to take a step and fix the future. So if your one of those who falls on your crush then you have to pay a close attention.

Love has no pride, love is patient and always full of surprises, then warm up your mind and heart to unleash your heart to that special someone. Nothing lasts forever, but somethings are worth of taking chances. So the word of advice be encouraged to give your crush a moment to talk all out. Never undermine the power of love when you've been given a chance.

By means of communication, make time to him or her and explain how you feel. Don't just tell everyone that you have a crush to that special someone. It will hurt you when you one day find out that your best friend took the crush you once shared with him or her. So risk your moment once and take your chances to live happier and with long love road. Never be scared to talk out your feelings anymore.

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