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Mnakwethu Mashelembe dropped out of school and got married at 16

Makhosi Shelembe's tide keeps turning as blessings keep flowing her way. The 23 year-old woman from Nquthu rural KwaZulu Natal midlands; comes from very humble beginnings and going back home seems like the best option for her and her children.

Gculisile Maphanga (50); Makhosi's mother; says her daughter; dropped out of school to look after her; at 16 years old. This after Maphanga had fallen into the fire and got burned; following an epileptic fit.

Makhosi has returned home; after she had received two baby showers. Her uncle; Bheki Shelembe; told the local newspaper that they have not spoken to Bheki Langa after he put their daughter on television without her permission.

Maphanga is very grateful for the blessings that MaShelembe has received because as a family they have also benefited. Maphanga received an offer of monthly groceries for the family for the next 12 months.

MaShelembe's eyes have been opened to life and what is available out there for her; she received this through her many mentors; who are prepared to help empower her and help her stand on her own feet.

Maphanga; MaShelembe's mother got married when she was only 18 years old; early marriages are prevalent in rural areas; that is why it was not frowned upon when MaShelembe herself got married at 16.

MaShelembe is now determined to open her own shop; and then return to school. She had dropped out at Grade 8. She now sees the need to build her family home in order to provide a better life for all of them.

The show Mnakwethu may have brought a lot of pain and tears for MaShelembe; but it does seem like it was a blessung in disguise because a lot of fortune has come out of it.

Though the women who embraced MaShelembe; have done all these things for her; they are adamant that they do not wish to dictate to her about what she should do with regarding her marriage; the decision is hers to make.

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