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Here is why MEN regret after masturbating.

The following is what my friends have shared with me. “I masturbate daily for 2-3 times, and after that, I get the feelings of loneliness and sadness. Sometimes I just wash up and continue my work, or just cry to sleep. Is it okay or should I stop masturbating” “I am masturbating every day, and I regret it after doing it. I want it to be less regular. What should I do?”

Here is the reason why we regret after masterbating.


Believe me u'll never regret reading this,this will answer ur 78% of ur questions.. Please whether ur a man or woman, stop what ur doing n read this now.

Each time u masterbate, u donate your reproductive cell the demonic kingdom.

Masturbation is like you’re making love in dreams, each time u release, u impregnate a demon, and as a woman each time ur masturbating, you’re making love with a demon and sometimes get impregnated by a demon.

Have u ever wondered how u see urself with children or breast-feeding a baby in dreams when physically u have none? Those married it's hard to have affection to their partner?

That's the demon u gave birth to. Many of us would have been rich by now but because of masterbation, ur wealthy, good luck and happiness has been donated to the demons. You would have been married by now but ur feelings are gone because of masturbation.

Listen to me, the enemy has come up with s*x toys, s*x objects to aid masturbation, to steal, kill and destroy humanity completely. Do u know s*x toys is an industry of the devil.

From today I want to help you understand that Masturbation is a spirit of a demon.

This spirit of darkness does not come alone, it's accompanied by spirit of lust. Spirit of lust includes, Lust of eye, lust of flesh etc.

It's one of the spirits that takes people to adult films and all sorts of immorality.(Adult films are a fuel of masturbation).

It's never too late to stop masturbating.

Remember!! This is the writers opinion not certified, so you can comment and share yours views too.

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