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Man in pain as forced to watch his friend and girlfriend engage each other in front of him


Being single is not good at all, yes, it may be enjoyable sometimes because you are free of stress and worry that some partners bring in relationships.

But my own opinion is that friends should never do some things before their friends that will cause them feel like they do not belong. I say as a friend, you should take care and know that some of your actions may hurt your friends.

We are all human beings and we all have feelings and hearts, so engaging in some things before others could push their feelings to breaking point and may lead to others getting furious.

What some people do in front of others is really not acceptable, the things that they do shows that they do not care for others who may be feeling left out in the action.

A video broke through showing a man in pain and his face shows that he is about to cry as he watched his friend engage in the act with his girlfriend in front of him.

I am sure that the friend was just showing the guy that being single is not an option, I believe that his initial purpose was to make the man feel unbelonging.

These kind of action are totally uncool and especially if engaged in in front of of people, we should respect each other and always ensure to cater for each other always.

I say that he was not supposed to stay and watch, but he should have left the moment he saw that the fire was beginning to burn.

And that the other guy was not supposed to engage his girlfriend in front of him, but they should have left to their compound to do so.

What do you think about this as a reader? What is your take on this matter? Would you say that the young man was a fool to just remain in the pool and watched them?

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