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These Kids Have Different Mothers But Share the Same DNA:See the Story That Left Mzansi Speechless


On last night's episode of Dlozilami Thembi was consulting twins .The twins both have daughters who are two months apart but they have the same DNA .They look exactly alike and almost like twins themselves .

It was discovered that the twins were married to the same man and their daughters share the same father so thats why they look like twins too.Actually their story become headlines a few years back when they announced that they will be getting married to the same man .They said that they liked sharing everything and wouldnt mind sharing a man also .The man who was a tv producer also didnt mind marrying two of them .He had two daughters with the twins and they are two months apart.He later divorced the both of them.

It is said that the man was just using the girls to make money off of them and their story .Yesterday on Dlozilami they revealed that they are single and loooking for a man who will marry the both of them because they dont want to be seperated.The reason why they still single is because they havent found a suitable man to take on that task.

Mzansi is shocked with this story but knowing how twins behave this type of behaviour is not something new .Most twins like sharing everything even the same man .However its important that twins find their own individuality in life because such behaviour can be destructive.Every person in life has their own different path and purpose and twins too must also recognize that they cant be together everywhere.

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