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Divorce Affair

My Husband Cheated On Me With His Niece and Infected Me With HIV. - Heartbroken Lady Cries Out.

It's wonderful to be in a relationship. If you know that the relationship will lead to marriage and that you will spend the rest of your life with the person you love most in the world, the emotion is even sweeter.

When you discover that your betrothed has strayed or has been cheating on you, this sensation changes to frustration and regret.

A woman from Lang'ata can vividly describe how she feels after being infected with HIV by the man she loves and considers to be her husband.

According to Tuko, the lady had faith in her soon-to-be husband and did not bother to take him to a VCT clinic to check his HIV status. This resulted in the lady marrying the man and settling down with him.

She was shocked to learn that the man had been cheating on her long before they were married. He cheated on not just one woman, but a number of them, including his niece.

He contracted AIDS as a result of his various lovers, which he passed on to his recently married wife.

The lady now issues a caution to all other ladies, advising them to always check the HIV status of their partners at the VCT and to avoid making conclusions based on the fact that the guy appears to be clean.

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