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The Groom In Egyptian Outfit Brings The Entire Social Media To A Complete Standstill

It is every Woman's dream to find herself inside the white wedding gown, walking dow the isle as soft music play in the back ground on their wedding day, it is also everyone's dream to have a unique q wedding that is not similar to any other wedding, the theme, the dress, everything, people always want to see their weddings completely different to any other wedding that has ever been ther, this gentleman who was all over social media over the past couple of days has indeed stolen the show, he has managed to have a unique wedding that no one will even think of dressing the way he did on his wedding days.

At first sight, you might think that the pictures you are seeing are from North Africa, you would swear that it was the Pharaoh's wedding when you see the gentleman's outfit.

The pictures of the groom who was wearing the Pharaoh's outfit were trending over the past couple of days and they refuse to get off the trend list, South Africans are having fun over the guy's attire and the pictures are just hillarious, he looks like he is indeed the king of Egypt on these pictures, plus the face shieled he was wearing it just puts the cherry on top.

Out of all the outfits he could have selected, the man ootrd to go for the Egyptian Pharaoh's outfit and he the designer had no choice but design what the client asked for, he even worse some red pants a d his shoes looked like the some Shoes known as 'pumps', he didn't really care for that matter, he was just happy that he is getting married to the love of his life.

It is not yet clear where the wedding took place or who the 'Egyptian' guy is, people are just making fun of him since there is no way anyone could just look at the pictures and not find it shocking.


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