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12 Most Dangerous Ways Women Trap Men Permanently in Relationships

A woman can trap and keep a man against his will. And when such marriages become unpalatable to certain men, they are tough to leave. Worse, the males stay there even when the partnership fails. In certain circumstances, these guys become dolls in the hands of these women, not because they are too powerful or rough for them, but because they have caught them with particular objects. Whether or not a guy is married, a woman might use these events or strategies to keep him under her control.

These partnerships can occur in the workplace, courtship/marriage, education, online, culture, and faith centers. This is the 12 most hazardous ways women permanently trap men in relationships.

1. Sharing Secrets

Some men can't keep a secret. They speak casually, oblivious to the consequences. Even if he wishes to marry a woman, a man keeps certain truths hidden from her. Man must learn to keep secrets from his wife when they are deeply affected by them. For example, I watched a woman murder her partner after he showed his fake university degree. It was his betrayal of her that cost him dearly. Do you know what Samson killed? Clue-sharing! Having a'special' secret between two renowned persons is also considered secret-sharing. Do not discuss secrets with a woman you are dating.

2. Blackmail

Women frequently employ blackmail to entrap males at any point of their relationship. With such women, some guys are foolish. Because of this, these women want to bribe the men for whatever reason. Their requirements may even be addressed by bribes. Do not do anything that would allow a woman to blackmail you, regardless of your relationship with her.

3. Covenant/Oath

A few people still do this. A woman can entrap a man for life by making him take a vow or pledge with her. Involves of human blood or sacrifice are very difficult to break.

People, like elected officials, take oaths/vows at varying periods. Marriage, business, and other agreements are legally binding. Some are religious. If a woman uses a covenant to confine a guy for life, I caution men to be very careful.

Any two or more persons can engage into a blood covenant, which is the most binding of them all. One or both of the covenant creators must die to break it. It's not something you do casually.

4. shedding Crocodile Tears

Women are experts at sobbing. As is common with females, some tears may be real. The cries are crocodile tears to gain undeserved attention. These cries often have hidden meanings. They are for nefarious intents A woman crying can be exploited to make a man lose his guard and make bad decisions. In a bad relationship, you're stuck with them.

5. Pregnancy

It's the mother of all mothers. So. So. Most women like to use pregnancy as a way to permanently trap us. The 'baby mama' fad If a man does not want to get pregnant, it becomes problematic. He might ask her to abort it, and she might reject. Abortion is also discouraged here. Not until the baby is almost full-term do women notify men they are pregnant. Men, be careful. To avoid becoming trapped for life, cease doing what causes one.

6. Record Keeping

Many ladies are naturally organized. Then, when a lady reminds him of his relationships with her, he is surprised. If you have an illegitimate business or relationship with a lady, she is more likely to record it. If you don't watch out, she might use them against you in the future! Consider how a woman might permanently ensnare a man with her meticulous record-keeping.

7. Promises

Men often want to make promises to women, which they may not keep. Unbelievably, a woman relies on every word a man says. Men, stop lying to women and be respectful of yourselves. They might be used by a woman to keep you in a marriage.

8. Compromise

Compromised men, especially those recognized for their moral beliefs, will be used by women to gain an advantage over them. Like religious leaders and other high-ranking individuals. They have a flaw in their reputation if they are doing something that society disapproves of Precautions should be taken while sacrificing expectations, especially if a woman is involved, married or not. Because of this, she will keep you bound forever! Live right and be happy.

9. Food

To get to a man's heart, one must go through his stomach. Guys like healthy meals. Take it or leave it. Unquestionably, a lady who knows how to prepare delicious cuisine will outperform her counterpart. Some women give guys the 'Love part' through food as well. An observer who isn't your mother takes note of your diet and habits. She will use it to ensnare you in a permanent friendship.

10. Appearance

Body design, dressing, and grooming are all part of appearance. These women's beauty attracts some males. Some women will go to any length to maintain a connection with a man. They know what they see frightens men. Why do you believe some women spend so much on plastic surgery? Why do you believe they're dressed provocatively? Show up!!!

11. Constant Presence

Presence is important. An unlucky gentleman should be trapped with an unlucky lady. This is why some women still shamelessly move into a man's house without his consent. Men, if you don't want to be trapped by a lady, stop her persistent physical or online presence.

12. Outrageous Gifts

Some women would spend their last dollar on outlandish presents for men to keep them submissive. This is a warning to you. Unexpected gifts from a lady will keep you stuck for life if you can't pay them back. Avoid living in poverty!

I hope you figured it out. How else can a lady permanently entrap a man?

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