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4 secret places to touch a woman to drive her crazy(opinion)

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 Contact the lady at 4 and make her go crazy

 A woman's body is like a minefield. If you contact her at the right time and place, she will giggle happily. Stimulate her stomach by putting snacks in her ears or touching her feet with fingers.

 If you are interested in learning more about how to more easily provide happiness to your young ladies, then you have come to the right place. If you are interested in learning more about how to more easily provide happiness to your young ladies, this article is for you. Remember, the most basic happiness is true happiness. In addition, if you really want to take advantage of your young lady's animalistic tendencies, you need to learn how to investigate her body to do so.

 1. Her hair.

 The fact that you respect their hair, especially when you touch their hair, is what most ladies appreciate. This is just an ordinary day. Whenever your woman ends her pain, she only needs to stroke it gently when she needs new hair.

 2. her ears

 Because there are so many sensitive spots on this small part of your body, you are extremely sensitive to contact, which may explain why it is so tempting to touch it correctly. You can also ask your partner to join hands with your fingertips and gently investigate the C-shaped layout of your ears; some subtle kissing and snacking can also help ignite your fire. In addition, because the entrance and the climax are connected, the climax can also be enhanced.

 3. Behind her neck

 The neck is the part of the body that protects and supports the brain, which is why men should often touch and rub women’s necks to relieve tension and stress.

 4. Her face

 As a man, whether she wears makeup or not, you must always treat your woman as beautiful. You have to keep looking at her and tell her how great she is, how great she has been

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