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Moving on is not about unloving someone, or trying to cover you cracks

people will often tell you that love can be seen in different forms. there’s never just one form that captures the essence of love, it’s distributed in all the forms it takes.

so whenever you try to unlove someone, you end up unlocking parts of you that even you didn’t know ever existed in you.

in order to free yourself from the cage, you think you’re in because of loving someone you actually begin to dig a deeper pit of unnecessary emotions that are meant to pull you down.

so is it never possible to unlove someone? i feel it doesn’t happen and it’s not even needed. what’s truly needed though is how you embrace the feeling of not being in the same condition that you were in just a while ago.

what matters is how you accept the changes you’re going through. it will bother you that all your efforts never meant anything to someone but what you often overlook is the opportunity to grow that such situations give you.

so is it always just about the growth and never the pain? i feel that the one who truly understands growth knows that it’s nothing but pain trying to be useful.

love and pain have the same roots but they always grow differently through the flowers of perception. so trying to unlove shouldn’t be your idea of moving on. it should rather be trying to love the parts of you that such experiences leave you with.

moving on isn’t about unloving someone or trying to cover your cracks. it’s simply loving the memories without ever looking back. if you know you know.

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