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-Opinion: Here Are Reasons Why Most Guys Are Reluctant To Propose Beautiful Girls

 There are many attractive and single women waiting for someone to contact them but no one does. It's about women, men have traditionally been more visually focused. For these three reasons, which I will discuss in this essay, men do not propose to women. I hope you take part in it. 


 1. Men are afraid to approach them. 


 The main problem here is low self-esteem; Many men believe that they are not good enough to stand up to a beautiful woman. Another problem is that many men are more likely to care about how slim their chances are of winning a charming woman's heart. 

 That's reasonable because the fear of being rejected by a beautiful woman you admire hurts more than the pain, nobody wants to be rejected, right? 


 2. Everyone thinks they have been captured. 


 Many people believe that all the beautiful women in the world are already taken. This may sound too good to be true, but it isn't, because not everyone values ​​the externals through the intellect. 


 Men have the misconception that all beautiful women are married or deserve to be married to rich men to replace them, but it is not. Not all beautiful women want to marry rich men; some prefer to be in control of their relationships. Take a shower, put on your best drip, and go to the person you like, single men. 


 3. Some beautiful girls have an attitude

 Many men hesitate to approach women because they are afraid that they will be ashamed of them. Beautiful women, especially killer queens, tend to react to people who approach them worse, leading to their loneliness as boys who felt like their own left them later. 


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 Ladies, if you find men not interested in you, you should come up with a modern strategy for attracting men. If you meet a young boy who likes you, my secret plan always feels a smile.

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