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A Man Returns Home Unannounced And Busts His Wife In Bed With His Best Friend


Officers are holding a middle-aged man suspected of killing his wife with a series of severe blows after discovering her in the company of another man late at night.

The criminal suspect has been absent for quite some time. In one instance, he unexpectedly returns home to find his wife in bed with another man.

"I had gone to work," he told the police. When I got home, I found my wife's clothes all over the place.

In that moment, I knew my wife was having an affair. I heard my wife's voice in the bedroom, so I went there to investigate.

A male voice followed, and I realized it was my best friend. The bedroom's door slowly opened. As I had suspected, my best friend was cheating on my wife.

When I was finished, I discreetly locked the front door. Three hours later, I knocked on the door and my wife replied. Dressed up, to be precise. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her I was feeling down because of something.

Unfortunately, my wife felt down when I kicked her in the lower abdomen so hard. He takes on the role of narrator.

The deceased man's sister, Salta Hassan, told police that she and the suspect got into a dispute after he arrived home. According to him, his wife was having an affair with a friend of theirs. My sister got a divorce, and the man threatened that he would kill her if she did. He stabbed her in the back in front of their kids. She went on to say that she was "amazed" to see the eldest child, who was only 11, try to stop the fight amongst the younger siblings.

The police have the suspect in custody, and he or she will be arraigned in court tomorrow.


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