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Guy bought his girlfriend a Fake Gucci and she felt disrespected, WATCH.

Ladies are known to be people who loves surprises, more especially from their boyfriends. But there are two types of girls when it comes to gifts, there are those who say they celebrate the effort made by person and the other group which celebrate the content, not care much about the effort.

There is a video which is trending on social media of a lady who was crying and shouting out loud that her boyfriend told her that he had bought her a new sneaker, she was excited when she heard the news.

Unfortunately by how she's narrating on the video, the guy went for effort not content. Yes the guy kept his promise but unfortunate he bought fake Gucci Sneaker.

The lady spotted it same time that it is fake. Maybe the guy don't know the difference between fake and original or it's what he can afford.

Following are comments:

Zim "Can she afford the original ones?? "Fake Gucci, nna?". . My sister take the shoes and leave. . Hay! Y'all complain about everything, bendingazubona noba iFake mna. . The way I appreciate i-effort yomntu ndingaqhatheka shame."

Themba " That guy knows what he's doing.There's no way you can buy original Gucci sneakers for someone who says "this guy bought me a fake Gucci sneakers"


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Fake Gucci Guy


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