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I Am So Curvy That I Have To Tell Men On Dating Apps Or They Think I Want To Catfish Them

As one woman put it, if she mentions her curves on a dating app, the other person is less likely to suspect her of being a catfish.

Stunning Tina could only get dates by harping on her size, and even sending pictures wasn't enough for her. Tina says she always tells men before going on dates to avoid them being intimidated by her size.

She claimed that if she isn't completely honest about her appearance, she will be accused of catfishing.

She took to Tiktok to share her thoughts on the importance of the warning after her experience with the pre-date discussion.This isn't the first time something like this has occurred to me. I make sure the guy I'm chatting with on a dating app knows how thick I am. In order for him to refrain from saying: "When we first meet, I think to myself, "Oh my my, she's a fake."

You can't be completely honest on a dating app if you don't match the guy's mental image of you. As a result, it's as if it's second nature to me." I'll have to inform him right now because my yams, buns, and cake batter are all ready to go into the oven.

As soon as they saw the video, other TikTokers chimed in with their thoughts.

One person commented, "I feel like we're preparing kids for the clearest possible truth, and yet they lie about whole families and missing limbs."

Others responded by saying, "Nothing needs to be emphasized, girl. It makes no difference to these guys."


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