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Sad: her father died this morning after calling her to her this see details below

I guess it's true when they say appreciate your loved ones while they are still alive because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Some people are not in good speaking terms with their families because of some disagreement. And today they still do not talk to each other, and that's a bad thing because people die and when they die, people are left with guilt and they find it hard to accept or find closure.

But when you keep in contact with your family that gives you the chance to say your last goodbye if they pass on. Because there's nothing painful like losing a loved one and you never got a chance to speak to them and hear their last words.

A lady left people emotional when she shared what happened this morning that she will probably never forget in her life. A lady by the name of Dimpho on Twitter says she received a call this morning from her father telling her he is not feeling well, he loves her. But to her surprise, she received another call that her father passed away.

And then she says she had to spend 2 hours sitting next to his cold body because the morgue can't take him without the ambulance checking and written document.

No one can rejoice in losing a loved one, but at least she got the chance to hear her father's voice for the last time, to hear him tell her she loves her for the last time. Someone would do anything to have an opportunity Dimpho had.

Please don't get me wrong am not saying it's a good thing that her father passed away but what am saying is that she had the privilege to say goodbye to her father.

Something that not many people had. That's why it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones at all times, even if it's just once a week or twice. Or fix things with those you're not talking to, life is too short to hold grudges or stay angry forever as you don't know what might happen tomorrow.

You might go to sleep and wake up to hear that the same person you are angry at has passed away and you will never get the chance to say goodbye because you were angry at them. For piece sake just say am sorry and move on.

Look at Dimpho she got to say goodbye to her dad. It won't be easy to accept that a loved one is gone, but that's how life is.

May your father's soul rest in peace, life is not fair but that's just how it is.

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