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Lady Spills The Secrets on The One Question That Makes A Woman Lose 89% Interest In A Man

One of the most difficult problems for so many guys nowadays is figuring out how to strike up a conversation with a lady. Let's not even get started on sustaining and continuing the discussion, because that in and of itself is a challenging task given that so many of our females are also poor communicators.

Not every man has what it takes to take a lady out on a date and provide her with a wonderful quality of time filled with meaningful and healthy talks. Some men believe that it is an interview in which they must continue to ask questions until the situation becomes unpleasant.

Occasionally, the girl may just be an excellent communicator, and as a result, the whole process runs well and she makes things extremely simple for the male. However, these dates are not necessarily the same as what we see on television.

A woman has turned to social media, namely her Twitter account, to disclose the one question she believes causes a woman to lose 89 percent of her interest in a man. When a male asks such question, she claims, the women loses interest in him.

Here's what she posted;

"Tell me about yourself " is where a woman looses 89% interest in a man."

As soon as she tweeted this, it became viral, with hundreds of thousands of people responding to it. Many others commented that the question isn't necessarily a terrible one, but that because the majority of these females have nothing to say about themselves, the inquiry is a turn-off for them. But the females were in accord with the lady, as they reiterated her sentiments and demanded that men be more precise in their questions.

So, what are your thoughts?

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