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Divorce Affair

Look At the Whatsapp chat between a Man and His Side Chick That Left Mzansi Speechless :See Here

Relationship are so much harder nowdays .They not like the way they used to be before.The previous generation could have relationship that lasted for years but nowdays couples cant even stay for a few together without getting a divorce.

Chats between a man and his side chick have gone viral on social media and they have left Mzansi Speechless. See the chats below .

Clearly this lady knows her place in this man's life and knows not to overplay her role .She is right .What if she meets a guy that she likes at this gathering what should she do?not persue it because she is dating a married man .She is a single person because being involved with a married man doesnt count as having a relationship.

The man was clearly left speechless by what the lady as he did not expect that .He propably expected that the lady will agree to go without a second thought but she told him to bring his wife .

This lady deserves flowers for what she did to this man .from now on he will know not to ask such things from her again and he should know the roles of a side chick on his life otherwise the next time he should just stick to his wife and take her instead to these places .

But on a serious sometimes it scares people to get married because of such things .Men get married only to have side chicks why not stay single then if you are not ready to settle down with one person .

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