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For guys : 5 ways to attract a fascinating woman

Here are the ways to get a fascinating lady to like you when ask you her out on a date.

A fascinating lady is an exquisitely beautiful woman who is charming and delightful.

Here are the ways to entice such a woman:

5. Arrive a little early at the date inorder to show her that you are guy who respects time and is punctual.

4.Be confident and ask her questions about herself .

Be an active listener by nodding and showing that you are interested.

3.Be respectful and kinds towards her , be a gentleman and compliment her outfit.

2.Smile at her and make frequent eye contact.

During your conversation bring up things you remember about her , make her see that you are fascinated by her .

1 .Look your best , be clean and don't panic.

Simply be yourself.

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