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They can no longer be in a relationship with him because he is short

People have preferences in the people they want to be with. How much they love them seems to not matter when they do not meet the mere outside requirements. Some people can ignore a partner because apparently they are light skinned or dark skinned, it's just what they prefer. Some get in the relationships and realize after some time that the people they are with are not the people they actually want.

A woman posted a screenshot of her dumping her new boyfriend because apparently he is way too short for her. The guy is shorter than the girl but the other confusing part that people were debating over is that didn't she see in the first place that he is short or she hoped he will grow fast. Some says it is just disrespect to the guy because if he mattered to her or anything, she would've told him Early.

See their short conversation below.

See people's reactions towards this reason of dumping anyone.

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