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Wedding dress

Traditional wedding dresses that women adore

The intention or aim of a wedding is to celebrate the marriage. In some cultures, that solemnisation can go on for two days or more with the couple's parents (or the couple) supporting the lavish living of friends and relatives as they party on.

Rural weddings commonly involve displays of gifts that the bride gives to the groom and his parents. The cost of buying these wedding gifts is set off against the 'lobola' grooms are required to pay to their future fathers-in-law. In the past catttles were used for these payments, but today lobola transactions usually involve exchanges of cash.

Africa is a large and diverse continent, and African wedding customs vary a lot depending on the region, nation, religion and ethnic group of the couple.

The marriage of two people is something to be celebrated regardless of the culture, and in South Africa it is no different. There are many wonderful wedding traditions and symbols that are part of the charm and interesting to those experiencing another’s cultural differences. Tradition forms a part of most wedding ceremonies and is as important to the two people getting married as it is to the guests who witness their union.

Your wedding dress serves as a reminder for that special day, the day of your dreams. Many brides will want to keep their wedding dress either as a token of remembrance to their special day, or to give to their children or grandchildren as a family heirloom so that they can wear it on their own special day.

The enormous question is; what type of a traditional wedding dress do you want to wear on your big day? Do you want something less complicated and stylish? If simplicity is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. There are few snaps of stunning traditional dresses below that most women adore.

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