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Side Effects Of Using Condoms

When we were growing up, we were told, the best way to avoid contracting STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It's like a chinese proverb that says, the best way to avoid a fight is to walk away. It's only that, this is a fight not easy to walk away. The old Zimbabwean artist, Learnard Karikoga Zhakata sang, poison was poured in a well were everybody drinks from, who will escape from STIs.


There are other stds that can be transmitted besides, HIV, syphilis, ghonorea, genital herpes and others. The reality is, they are other diseases that can be contact through body contact through not on penetration. Condoms in this regard do not protect the while part of the body.

Unwanted pregnancies

In most of the time when a condom breaks, most people don't stop the session to fix the error. Unexperienced people in most of the times don't feel when it has broken, rather they would entertain the pleasure that comes with it.


Many condoms are made of latex (the fluid that is obtained from rubber trees), and according to a study that was carried out American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology it was found out that some people experience an allergic response to the protein in the rubber. Although this might be rear, but when it becomes severe, the allergy could range from sneezing, runny nose, itching or flushing to more severe signs and symptoms, such as wheezing, swelling, dizziness etc.

Let's all becareful, becareful though not easy to stay away. An english saying: woman or man, you can't live with and you can't live without them.

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