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How I Found Out That My Father Is Sleeping With My Girlfriend. (Read WhatsApp Chats)

So, after being in a relationship with my varsity girlfriend for over a desirable period of 5 years of romance, there came a time when I began to feel the reality that it was now the proper time to go with my lady friend at home and introduce her to my family because we had been together for such a long time. This feeling did not last for a long time because I ended up doing it.

So, being the first woman I've ever delivered home to my family's parents, everyone seemed to like her and had no problems with her, including my father.

(That used to be fairly common because my father isn't the type of man who enjoys socializing and such), but after seeing all of that manifest, I just shrugged and thought, "Maybe she's just lucky," and I moved on.

So, as time passed, the two (my father and girlfriend) developed a bond that bothered me and perplexed me because growing up, my sisters never had that type of bond with him. I tried asking my lady what she did to earn her place in his good graces but received no straight answer, but they continued with their relationships whenever she came to see me.

So, with things as they are, I began to wonder what it is that pulls the two together, and despite the fact that I considered asking her, I didn't since I knew I wouldn't get a rational response.

So, one time when I was holding her phone, I realized that they were even speaking on social networking app Whatsapp. I looked over their chat history and found the following. Please read the talks attached below.

Seeing all of this gave me the answer to the question of why the two used to enjoy being around each other, but I haven't had any confrontations with them since I saw this. I'm just standing here keeping my distance from both of them, trying to figure out what to do now that things are this way between the two of them.

Thanks for reading.

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