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Avoid Her At All Cost, If You Notice Any Of These Signs. - OPINION.

Participating in dating activities is one of the most stimulating activities that people (both men and women) can do. It's a cycle: a young lady is noticed by a young man, either from afar or after becoming acquainted with her through someone or an event, and the young man wishes for her to be more than just a companion, because we all know there are certain boundaries you can't cross with someone who is only your friend.

The pursuing/charming stage follows, which could include writing letters, conversing on the phone, or meeting with someone one-on-one; the options are unlimited. Many people will decide whether they want to further their dating plans with the woman and ask her out, or whether they want to break their connection with her entirely at this time. As a result of their talk, he may discover a few things from her that will either invigorate him or divert him from his aims.

When a man sees the following clear indications in respect to a lady at the present, he should pause and reflect.

A few examples of these are as follows:

1. She is always bringing up the subject of her ex-boyfriend.

This is a clear case, folks. When a woman talks about her ex, whether in a positive or negative way, it's a big red flag because it usually means she hasn't moved on. She'll almost surely track him down, and you'll be the one who gets left behind.

2. You Will Never Be Able to Make Her Happy.

This one is a little risky. You do something nice for her, but she doesn't appear very enthusiastic about it, and she doesn't seem to notice the effort you put in to make it happen. It's also possible that she's dissatisfied and constantly complains about it. That attitude is taxing, and you should avoid getting into a relationship with someone who has it.

3. She has the personality traits of a gold digger.

Isn't it true that you have a good understanding of what I'm attempting to say? She's just with you because you have a lot of money. These days, you can find these women practically wherever. They are always dressed in extravagant apparel and use high-tech equipment that is out of proportion to their income. They typically have little to give you in terms of contributions in a relationship. When dealing with this type of individual, you must be cautious since she will capture you and channel your energy.

4. She has a bad sense of style when it comes to material items.

Wouldn't you prefer to go out with a woman who emanates elegance and exquisite taste and radiates these attributes as a human being? I'm sure you do what she would do to give you a temporary bump in status and do what is best for you. You will have a difficult time in your quest regardless of how lovely a woman is. If her judgment on food, clothing, or other stuff is poor, you will have a difficult time.

5. Her middle name is Drama, which indicates that she enjoys acting.

That isn't anything I'm implying in any way. In this instance, I'm referring to her reaction to the situation. The fact that she is so sensitive and gets worked up over the tiniest of details is a charade to attract attention and show that she matters - a performance that is frequently purposeful, youthful, and silly. This one will make you look silly and have no remorse for your acts while still seeking to punish you. Try to avoid dating folks who are like this.

6. She appears to be overly straightforward.

Men, on the other hand, enjoy the adrenaline rush of pursuing a woman they admire, regardless of whether or not he is a charmer. If she appears extremely simple, you should proceed with caution, since this usually implies that she has had a number of encounters with men and is unable to say no. She is frequently single and has little regard for her own worth. You don't need a young lady of her stature.

7. She is an alcoholic who has been drinking for a long time.

This personality type is similar to the previous in that it lacks poise and care for others. A lady who drinks too much alcohol is not the ideal choice since she gives off the impression of being carefree and youthful.

The Smell of Her Mouth (number 8) (Bad Breath)

Maintaining adequate hygiene standards is vital for both men and women. The fact that a woman can't open her mouth to talk without making you cover your nose with disgust suggests to me that she may be dealing with similar degrees of filth in many parts of her body, which is a major red flag.

9. She is a possessive, clingy lady.

This type will constantly assess you and question about your location. If you don't reply to her message within a few minutes, she'll assume you're dating someone else and end the relationship. There is no breathing room or time for you to do the things you genuinely need to do since she is needed to be with you at all times. It would be ideal if you could maintain a safe distance from her at all times.

Thanks for reading.

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