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3 Reasons You Should Stop Chasing Women As From Today, Let Her Chase You


A lot of people will say, "Men are supposed to be the hunters." These individuals contend that it is your duty as a male to approach a lady and make every attempt to demonstrate your desire for her. I can sort of understand that view, but it can get to the point where it's mistaken.

Unquestionably, a man should be prepared to contribute to the process of locating a suitable woman. He shouldn't have to pursue any particular women, though. By going too far in his effort to get to know someone and develop a relationship with them, a man can do so much wrong.

This doesn't imply that every circumstance has a bad outcome, but there are three reasons why pursuing a woman should generally be avoided.

1. There Is a Fine Line Between Desire and Desperation

Everyone enjoys feeling wanted. Showing someone you want them and sincerely want to be with them is very acceptable. The moment your pursuit becomes chasing, though, a line is crossed. As stated in the book He Who Finds A Wife, a man will eventually start to look desperate (thirsty), and women do not find that attractive. At first it might not seem too bad, but as mentioned, it will eventually start to look bad. Finding the ideal balance between demonstrating effort and desire without going overboard is important for men.

2. A sign of impending trouble

Your beginning can determine how you end. You need to be aware of what you might be setting the scenario for if you find yourself pursuing a woman. Are you ready for a dynamic where you are continually expected to do more effort than she does if you are successful in acquiring her? If not, you might wish to apply the brakes while still pursuing. I'm not suggesting that this is always how things turn out for a man who pursued a lady, but it seems to be the case for many of them.

Many people have been in relationships or marriages where they are continually expected to put forth effort while the woman is allowed to wait it out. Later, this merely causes more problems and more annoyance. You really won't want to cope with this situation.

3. An Unnecessary Distraction

You probably already know how focused you can get when you chase something. The drive to catch what you're after can sometimes become overwhelming. It won't be in your best interest to do this. You have now turned away from the main goal, which is developing as a man, since you are pursuing a lady.

You'll be so preoccupied with trying to figure out how to obtain her that you can end up losing yourself in the pursuit. Even worse, if she isn't the one for you, you'll simply make it harder for you to accept the one who is. As a result, you will now inevitably get in your own way. If the chase doesn't yield the results you were hoping for, you will probably come away from it hurt, damaged, and demoralized.

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