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If a woman is paying for a date she must give the man her money beforehand.

Society expects men to provide for their women and their family. A man who fails to provide or who fails to meet certain needs is likely to suffer from depression and frustration. Men are proud people, they would do almost anything to protect their name and social standing.

Some including this man say that a woman needs to understand that about his man and do what she can to protect his honor, including giving him her money to appear as though he was the one paying.

I don't agree with this. I believe a man should work for his dignity. If he is so ashamed of being unable to provide then he must get a job and provide. A man who gets rewarded for being a man may never bother to work. What sort of example is he setting for the children?

A woman who provides for you may also start disrespecting you. She may start talking to you like you are nothing to fear, to respect. She may refuse to obey and to be humble. That will only bring trouble in a relationship. That's just the way things are.

This reminds me of well known man gold digger, Kevin Federline who wanted his ex wife Britney Spears to pay for his weight loss operation. She told him to work out but he refused. Kevin's marriage to Britney still shocks Hollywood even today. A pop princess falling for her backup dancer and even marrying him still baffles people today. I don't even want to talk about spousal support and alimony.

To suggest that a woman should give her man money and make it look like he's the one who is paying is absurd to me. What happens when people find out? What happens to his dignity? No, a man must work for his dignity. Check out what other people said:

Get a job.

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