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Meet The African Tribe Where Men Love Doing Make-up

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You may believe that because you have access to a phone and the internet and live in a civilized world, the rest of the world is likewise civilized or at least doing something similar to or better than what you have. But that is far from the truth because there are regions and tribes that live in non-civilized areas and practice civilizations that are completely strange to the rest of the world.

One of these tribes is the Woodabe Tribe, which is a Fulani tribe in the West African country of Niger. The tribe's males believe they are the most attractive and constantly carry a mirror with them.

Marriage is planned from the time a kid is born, and women are permitted to have as many partners as they wish prior to marriage. They have a celebration known as 'Gerewol,' in which the males dress up in traditional attire and compete in a pageant format. The males come out and demonstrate their abilities, and a team of female judges selects the best among them.

All the women congregate, including married women looking for a prospective second or third husband, as the situation may be. They look for features like a straight nose and white teeth and make care to highlight them throughout their make-up, which takes at least 6 hours to produce.

They use clay to paint their faces and eyeliners to highlight the whites of their eyes. They also apply lipstick to their teeth to make them appear whiter, and they wear ostrich feathers on their heads to make them appear taller. They dance and perform in order to get the attention of the judges and married women. Some husbands restrict their wives from attending such events because they do not want to lose their wives.

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