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Men, 4 Signs That She In love With You

When we're in love, we'll go to great lengths to expose our deepest secrets and most effective methods to our partner, all in the name of romance. If you're in love, you'll understand what I'm talking about since it's not something that can be explained.

A lady who is really in love with you may opt to tell you about a few things while concealing the rest of the information from the rest of the world.

Women, like males, are now prepared to go to extremes in order to find love. If a lady does not have genuine affections for you, it is no longer acceptable for her to feel comfortable in your company and then reveal her most intimate secrets.

These are the kinds of things that only a lady who loves about you would tell you about yourself.


No lady will ever tell you anything about her family unless she has something to offer you in exchange for your time and attention. Without a real concern for you, she feels no reason to share information about her family with you.

If she is continually bringing up her family and alerting you about what is going on in her circle of relatives without your consent, this is an indication that she has feelings for you. When a lady has real affections for you, she will not try to conceal anything from you or keep anything from you.

In informing a man of her status as a virgin, a woman is expressing her complete and utter faith in him in every respect. If a female tells you this about herself, it indicates that she has nothing to hide from you and just wants to be with you at this moment.

If a girl reveals you whether or not she is a virgin, don't assume that she isn't interested in you at all.


Whatever our circumstances, we all have a history that we are unwilling or unable to discuss. If a female gains her confidence and shares details about her history with you that she hasn't shared with anyone else, you may be confident that she has genuine affections for you.

We are all aware that women are notoriously secretive, but if she informs you about her hidden secrets, you can be confident that she is totally honest about her feelings for you as well.


Providing her passwords to a man is indicative of a woman's great affection for a particular male. Women are notoriously reluctant to give up their phones, and when it comes to their phones, they are typically secretive and protective of their information. If a lady trusts you enough to reveal her passwords, it implies that she also trusts you enough to tell you what's on her phone, which is an excellent sign. In the event that she grants you access to her social media accounts, you can be confident that she adores you.

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