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A Woman Marries Boyfriend's Neighbor after being Denied her Congugal Rights

A Woman Marries Boyfriend's Neighbor after being Denied her Congugal Rights

Daisy explains how she ended up married to her boyfriend's next-door neighbor after over a year of cohabiting.

In Nairobi, a well-known musician sung that love is shared regardless of who is the primary lover. Daisy had told Tuko about what happened.

After losing her work owing to Covid-19 containment effects, she moved in with her partner in 2020. In reality, life in Nairobi is difficult. After a period of time with her boyfriend, he became cold and acquired an attitude against her.

She also bemoans the fact that she was left to sleep alone because she couldn't reach his partner to answer her nature's call. She was also apprehensive about approaching her partner and requesting intimacy.

This allowed her to focus on their next-door neighbor, who seemed to pay more attention to her: "He always gave a listening ear, and I felt comfortable sharing anything was worrying me." Daisy narrated, "He sympathized with me and advised me to keep the house in the beginning."

Daisy's feelings began to emerge as they continued to communicate. While still living with his boyfriend, she found herself falling in love with her next-door neighbor. "On the evening that I moved out," she said.

I informed my ex-boyfriend that I had found a job that required me to stay there, and he enthusiastically agreed and blessed me to leave, not realizing it would be our last day together,” Daisy continued.

Daisy left and married his next-door neighbor; they are now expecting their first child, and their marriage appears to be developing as their love develops.

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