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I'm Going To Look For Rich Guys, & See If I Can Make Quick Money. " - Says South African Slay Queen.

Imagine declaring your love for someone and then being told to set her up with wealthy men instead.

An recording of a South African slay queen requesting to be linked up with wealthy guys has been circulating on social media, and mzansi is startled at how direct she was, especially to someone who wanted her.

"I'll be in Zimbabwe on Monday, and I'm confident you're an open-minded individual. I'm going to try my luck there and see if I can make some quick cash. I'm going to start looking for wealthy men. I'm going after your politicians and businessmen, but I don't know anyone in Zimbabwe and have never there, so if you know of any potentials, please try to connect me with them. Tell them that the girl from South Africa is coming next week, and that I'll send you my wonderful images when I go back, and that when I earn money from the guys, I'll give you a commission. It is all up to you. I know you like me, and if you don't want to spend any money, we can have a nice time together" she stated.

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