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He had an option of walking away from her, but what he did will leave you in shock

Sooraj with his late wife Uthra during happy times

Love can be beautiful, but it can be ugly as well. Sooraj Kumar is reported to have had been fed up with his relationship with his wife and did the unimaginable as a way of walking away.

It is reported that Sooraj set up a deadly cobra to kill his wife when she was sleeping. Uthra Kumar reportedly died two months after her hospitalization. Sooraj was reportedly handed a double life sentence for the evil and heartless act. It is devastating that most killers reportedly use snakes to kill their victims for the act to look like an accident. As for Sooraj, an animal expert reportedly claimed that there had been no way the dangerous snake would have climbed up and found its way to the room where the late Uthra had been sleeping.

This testimony was enough to be a final nail on the coffin Sooraj to be found guilty. It is devastating how men are killing their loved ones.

If one is no longer happy, why not just walk away? If you no longer love him/her, what guarantee do you have that someone out there will love him/her?

Killing or hurting someone you no longer love is not a smart move. Sooraj for example had an option of just walking away from his wife, but he thought that killing her would be the best option. He is now going to spend the rest of his life in prison for the lame and heartless decision he took.

Police taking Sooraj away after being found guilty

Women are not property or objects but are ordinary human beings who deserve to live. It is sad that women are getting killed every day by their lovers. What will it take for men to stop killing or abusing women?

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