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My stepfather goes to my room each night at 2am and he does this to me (fiction)

We have all been set in abnormal positions whereby we don't have a clue what to do and who to banter with. 

Like specific people, I stay with my mother and stepfather. I'm the solitary adolescent in the house that houses tasks and my mother is continually exhausted. Exactly when my money's home, she eats, gaze at the TV and rests. 

I'm 16 years old and I by and large rest late considering school homeworks that I wanted to do. 

Right when my mother is resting, my stepfather reliably goes to my room and suggestion to help me with school work. I can't say no because he will explode. 

In any case, instead of helping me with the regular timetable, starts reaching me inappropriately and whenever I encourage him to leave me alone, he tells me that he is my father and that he is essentially reassuring me. 

He even reached my boobs and my private spot. How might it be a smart thought for me to react? I'm anxious if I tell my mother, she will distrust me.

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