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Please double-check your dates if you are an unpaid 350 Beneficiary.

Please check your dates again if you haven't been paid 350, If you haven't paid 350 people, check your dates again.

On December 1, grants for people who have been around for a while will be paid. People who failed to pay back the money will get some of it on December 2.

SASSA hasn't been texting people to remind them to go to the post office and get their parts. Some people went to the post office after not getting an SMS alert. They thanked you. As long as your part has been approved and you haven't gotten an SMS after some time, go to your local post office.

A problem with the SMS means that your money has been held for a long time without you knowing because you didn't get an SMS.

Once your status has been confirmed, don't wait for an SMS and go to the post office to get your parts.

People might not mind if you haven't been paid for more than 90 days and your application has been approved. You can go to your nearest mail centre and apply for a charm there.

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