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Husband and wife relationship

I've been begging my husband for over 2 years to allow me cut my hair, but he refused - lady say

Jane Mena, a well-known Instagram dancer, recently took to her Instagram story to express her dissatisfaction with her husband's refusal to comply with her request over her hairstyle. According to her, she has been pleading with her husband, who goes by the name of Plies, for more than two years now to allow her to cut her hair, but he has not responded positively to her pleas. "I need a completely different look since I am weary of wearing wigs and cornrows," she says.

Despite the fact that she is attractive, it is possible that her spouse was put off by her appearance and did not agree to her request. Some men are attracted to their wives because of the hair or clothing they wear, but others have grown to enjoy seeing their wives' hairstyles. Would you, as a husband, allow your wife to cut her hair if she begs you to do so and, more than likely, provides you with a concrete reason why you should allow her to do so?

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