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Husband and wife relationship

Mothers, Let's Stop Raising Mama's Boys So Marriages Can Last| Here Is How

Those who are too close to their mothers might be called mama's boys, and those who aren't close enough could be imputed to neglecting their mothers. What are they to consider when deciding the right distance to keep from their son?

Number 1: Physical Connection.

In early childhood, males need the warmth of their mothers' touch. However, this need changes as the boy grow. Even after their sons grow up, most moms tend to treat them like little boys. However, don't be irritated if your son asks you not to kiss him when he's dropping him off at school or when his friends are around. If he does not like your affection in public places, stop doing it. As he grows into a teenager, the physical gap between you and him widens. Stop showing affection in public if he doesn't like it.

Number 2: Emotional Connection.

The physical connection might be broken in adolescence, but once he is past the adrenaline rush, the emotional connection remains. Therefore, he will recognize the importance of being emotionally connected with you, and he will always know that you are there to protect him and support him.

Number 3: Life-Long Connection.

Whenever the boy grows up, his bonding with his mother is always there. As he grows up and becomes a man, his priorities change. As a family man, he must balance his time between his children, wife, and career. If the mother understands this paradigm shift, her relationship with her son will flourish. Allow him to make his own decisions, let him consult his wife on important matters, and most importantly, accept his wife into your family. You will increase your son's respect for you by doing this.

It is important to periodically evaluate your relationship, or at various stages of your son's development. The bond is not rigid; it needs to change as times change. A lack of flexibility could result in cracks in the relationship. I encourage you to clarify your current relationship with your son. There will be no challenge you can’t face if you dare to do this work.

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