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"Which Is More Expensive Womanizing Or Drinking A Lady Wants To Know "


A woman posted on social media and want to know from gents what is more expensive between womanizing and drinking. This has sparked a lot of reactions and has become a topic of conversation. One user said it all depends on where you are drinking. It is more safe to drink with limited friends or indoors as it is not expensive and can save you from wasteful expenditure and woman who have a lot of expectations. Another added that womanizing is expensive because you have to buy food, clothes, airtime, hairstyle, support their children, pay for their debts and transport. Whereas with alcohol drinking is less expensive because you can have a society with friends and take turns when buying alcohol.

Both womanizing and drinking have side effects. When you drink without limits you can end up being broke and lose your job as you will always be drunk. Drinking can derail a career. People do lose it all because of alcohol abuse. And when you are womanizing you can get infected by sexual transmited diseases and also lose your wife because of womanizing. Sticking to one partner is better as you are able to help each other grow and achieve things together. So basically too much of everything is just dangerous rather be safe than sorry.


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