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Sh0cking: Sister burns her sister from wedding venue because of this


A lady has declined to allow her sister to her wedding after her sister advised her husband that he may do better than marrying her.

The woman said that her older sister has been a "toxic" influence in her life, accusing her of cruelly telling her that her husband will leave her if she did not wear make-up.

A lady has refused to let her "toxic" sister to attend her wedding after informing her husband that he "can do better than her." Shutterstock is the source of this image.

In a Reddit post, the bride-to-be expressed her displeasure with her sibling, noting that she and her husband are legally married but are only now planning their wedding ceremony, ten years later.

She had decided that her older sister would not be invited when she was putting together the guest list, but now her family is pressuring her to reconsider. Telling her that she should be the "bigger person."

The woman expressed why she doesn't want her sister to be a part of her wedding day by seeking advice from others.

She added, "I (27F) have been married to my spouse (J) for nearly 10 years." We got married six years ago, but solely through the legal system, with no ceremony. "We always claimed it would be later, but timing never seemed to work out in our favor.

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! We've decided to have our wedding ceremony and reception later this year, and we've only invited our closest family and friends."

" We were creating our guest list when we decided to leave my older sister off. "She has been a toxic person in my life since I can remember. She used to tell J when we first started dating that he could do so much better than me, to name a few instances."

"I've never been someone who wears a lot of make-up, and J has always known this," the bride said. He was going to leave me, she used to say, since I didn't "take care of myself." I've struggled with an eating issue and have completed inpatient treatment. She told J that I was "crazy" and that he shouldn't deal with me and that he should just leave me alone.

"When I was at declared inpatient, she tried to use me as an excuse for her work so she wouldn't have to do something she didn't want to do." All in the name of 'helping' our girls, of course."

The bride said that during the two months she was in the hospital, her sister did not contact her.

She used to tell me that if I didn't 'take care of myself,' he would leave me... I've never been one to put a lot of effort into my appearance..." J has repeatedly stood up for me over the years, refusing to let her run over me (something I've battled with).

"She feels irritated by this. She previously warned him to stay away from family and sister matters "she explained.

Rather than cutting her off, the lady claimed that she has attempted to repair her connection with her sister because she wants the two to remain "close" after their "difficult upbringing."

She singled out her sister, recalling disagreements they'd had on Thanksgiving and promises her sister had made to see her two children but hadn't kept.

The cherry on top came when the mother and her girls were involved in a vehicle accident and her elder sister did nothing to help them.

“The daughters and I were in a vehicle accident,” she stated. The automobile had been totaled, and it wasn't in good shape. Fortunately, the girls only sustained minor injuries.


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