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Meet A Lady That Recently Got Mzansi Talking In Social After She Went On A Date In #SingleAndMingle

Meet A Lady That Recently Left Mzansi Talking In Social After She Went On A Date In #SingleAndMingle

Viewers have enjoyed last week's #SingleAndMingle episodes, an they are hoping the new matchmaker also chose the dates tonight. Here we met young lady who is yet looking for love, hoping she finds what she's looking for on this date. 

Mzansi were disappointed to see 23 years old lady going in national tv looking for a love. People have never understand people under 30 coming to #SingleAndMingle. One thing that got Mzansi attention is the fat that both couple have stable job. A lab technician and construction worker found love with each other they promise to treasure and value their love.

The couple looks beautiful to each other they are the perfect match dispute the age gap. The lady is beautiful, she was ready to be with him the moment he walked in. She is the first lady to be satisfied with a guy at first glance !!! She is in love. It is the first time meeting on a first date and she is already in love? 

For once #SingleAndMingle have a real matches and end up being a real relationship. The show would be extra nice if we had more matches. The couple has fallen in love with each other and they both happy with each other. We can also see as viewers that they two are good together.

For once #SingleAndMingle has given fans something t talk about after a long time. If there are those who still think they can't find partners in blind date, they have to try with #SingleAndMingle. It's not many times they bring two people together but younever know your lucky.


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