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The People Cried Out When They hear That The Family Was Denied To Bury Their Loved one By The Chief

Burying your loved one is something that gives families a rest and they will forget the ordeal. It gives hope that atlist you have buried your loved one. But when you are in such a situation and got neglected by people you trust that they will help you; especially if they are leaders, indeed you shall be in pain.

This incident happened in KZN in Umthwalume, where the chief of the area refused to allow the family to bury their mother. Things suddenly changed when Sihle Zikalala got involved and at last they were able to bury their beloved one.

Here are comments of people from face book

Hearing this Zikalala made sure he brought many stakeholders to assist in this situation. Where the family was denied by the Chief to. Bury their mother in the piece of land in UMthwalume along the South Coast. And indeed UMzumbe local municipality assisted the family in every thing after the dispute with the chief. Zikalala said the Mkhungo family welcomed his intervention as they prepare to lay their mother to rest.

It remains unknown why the Induna (Chief) of the area denied this family the right to lay their loved one to rest.

People of the area have pleaded with Sihle Zikalala to offer protection to the family. So that the investigation can be carried out to the chief and his 'indunas'.

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