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"Stop Dating Guys Who Are the Same Age as You: Relationship Coach on Ladies Who Want Marrige

A relationship coach says women should stop settling for ‘small boys’ 😳

The dating expert shared that women shouldn't date men who are the same age as them if they want to get married.

In a viral clip, the wise woman says that ladies should set their eyes on older men who don't mind getting tied down.

It is true that most of the girls that we know, that grew up dating people that were attending the same class with them. They did not end up in marriage, most of the women they were just impregnanted and after that the boys ran away. Some of the women did got married, but it was very rare to get married to their mates.

They could get married to someone younger or they get married to someone far older. So what she is saying is true about about ladies who are serious about getting married to stop dating their mates. So it is very much important that if you want a responsible man who keep his promises, should be at least a little bit older. All we should say is that boys are never a marriage material.

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