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Lobola price list that got people on their feet and the last one it is an insult to those women

Lobola or Lobolo in Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, Silozi, and Northern and Southern Ndebele (Mahadi in Sesotho, Roora in Ahona, Magadi in Setswana, Lovola in Xitsonga), and Mamalo in Tshivenda language, sometimes referred to as " bride price" is a property in livestock or money, which a prospective husband or head of his family undertakes to give to the head of a prospective wife’s family in gratitude of letting the husband marry their daughter.

Even black people know that in the black culture you have to pay Lobola, some men find it difficult to accept that it's a must they have to pay it. Some people compare the black culture to white culture because they don't pay Lobola, but failing to understand that white people are not like black people they do things differently, but it's alleged white people instead of paying lobola the father of the bride pays for the wedding.

Some people feel that this bride price thing is a scam, as they feel that black parents want to be paid for raising their kids of which is not fair because it's their job to raise them. While other people feel that it's fair that a bride price is paid to thank the parents for raising a wife for you.

And, unfortunately, some of the couples end up breaking up or cohabiting with their partners because the money they sometimes charge during a lobola negotiation is crazy. Below is an alleged price list of a bride price based on what you have and what you don't have, but number 9 and10 is not fair

education-wise please see.

So does this mean if you fall under number 10 this means you are not worth getting married, it's a bit unfair because those people didn't make themselves have 2 kids so every woman is worth getting married?

People on social media had a lot to say, here are comments below.

The painful part about this whole this is that elders are not on social media and they don't care what people think, therefore there's a possibility that they might charge more and they don't care if whether their child is a virgin or not have kids if you love her you will pay what they want.

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