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How To Get Over Your Ex-Lover

Getting over a person you once thought only death will do you apart is hard,however it's not impossible.Here are some ways that'll help you get over your ex-lover

•Firstly you've got to want to let go.It starts with you accepting that what once was,no-longer is

•Resist can't get over someone when you constantly keep in touch,or checking on them

•Wipe all your previous chats on your phone or laptop.refering back to words that were exchanged and promises made adds delay to your progress

•Delete or burn every picture you've taken together.The story you were telling has unfortunately come to an end,It's now time for you to accept and let it go

•Unfollow your ex on social media

•Block and delete your ex's contacts on your mobile

•Keep yourself occupied.Read books or take part in a physical activity to distract yourself from thinking about your ex,and feeling sorry for yourself

•Find out what you're passionate about and do more of it

•Exercise.exercising will help improve your mood,reduce stress and get you in good shape.You can do this twice or three times a week

•Make it a habit to write down all that you're feeling in a diary,or book.putting your emotions on a paper will give you some sort of relief,It's therapeutic more like a shoulder to cry on

•Focus on yourself.What is it that you've always wanted to do?get started

•Honour invitations.clean-up,dress well and show-up

•Ignore the voices in your head that tells you to stalk your ex,what you find might hurt you

•Avoid attending places or events that your ex usually go to

•Go out more often even if it's for a walk

•Give yourself a task of reinventing yourself that way you won't have much time to focus on someone else

•Getting over your ex-lover isn't a process of forgetting they ever existed in your life,It's simply taking time to yourself and doing all that is needed to protect your heart and mental health.

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