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'See What a 21-year-old Lady Said, As She Celebrates Being A Virgin.

A woman who is 21 years old is proud of her status as a virgin.

A person is considered to be virgin if they have never participated in any form of sexual activity. The term "virgin" initially referred to women who had no previous sexual experience; nevertheless, over time, it has come to embrace a wider range of meanings, including those found in traditional, contemporary, and ethical conceptions.

People of other sexual orientations frequently include sleeping with someone of the opposite gender or mutual masturbation in their definitions of what it means to lose one's virginity, whereas individuals who identify as heterosexual may or may not believe that the only way to lose one's virginity is through penile-vaginal penetration. The vast majority of the time, virgins choose not to let anyone know that they are still virgins...

According to this scenario, a young woman of 21 years old celebrated her status as a Virgin online using one of the several social media platforms.

Ezinne Obianuhu Nwa Jane, who said that she has been tempted a large number of times, also mentioned that the fact that she is still a virgin has caused her to lose a large number of relationships.

She posted an update on Facebook;

Being A Virgin At 21yrs It Hasn’t Been Easy

Alot Of Temptationsns

And Losing Relationships

Sometimes I Just Want To Open My Legs But Am Strong In The Lord, He Said Thy Shall Not Commit Fornication.


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