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Divorce Affair

Things they wrote about her for sleeping with someones baby daddy that is too much

There's nothing painful like seeing two women degrading each other on social media over a man, the mistake that some women make is to blame another woman for something that's started by both man and woman. But when it comes to the cheating part, you only find out that the guy is the wrong one here, and the other woman is also a victim and there's a possibility that she also didn't know that the man she is with is cheating on her or cheating with her. Some woman would even go a mile to humiliate another woman for a man who decided to cheat on her.

It's our job as women to protect each other more especially when it comes to such things, where you find a man cheating on you, there's no need to humiliate another woman for a cheater.

A picture of a woman was shared on social media by the lady who goes by the name of Nthabiseng Matshega a woman who allegedly accuse another woman of sleeping with her baby daddy. Nthabiseng took to her social media account and humiliated this lady on the picture below, and told her to leave her baby daddy, and calling her names

It got so personal to the point that she even mentioned that the lady sleeps with her boss to keep a job. No one knows the full story of what happened, but what this lady did was low and wrong to expose her like that on social media. Because number one this person she is fighting for is a baby and not a husband. If this person loved her for real he wouldn't have gone and cheated on her with another woman.

And after doing this, what guarantee does she have that this guy will stop seeing this lady because one thing about such things is that the minute you do something like this you're making things worse, there's a possibility that this guy might love the girl even more, or even leave you for her.

It's ok to be jealous but don't make it obvious that you are jealous to the point that you become desperate because men don't like desperate women, you must have pride, don't go around doing such things.

Next time handle this matter in a mature way, not like this, there's a possibility that you might lose this man for good.

It's not easy I know, but next time be a bigger person and if possible just walk away you deserve better, as you can't go around exposing women because of a man who doesn't respect you, who doesn't know your worth.

Because now she might get arrested for this, because this is wrong.

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