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How Men Cause Vaginal Infection

Most women suffer from viginal or yeast infection all the time. It is common and normal for women to go through this,even children suffer from yeast infection from time to time and there are many causes of yeast infection. It could be your bathroom or toilet if it's untidy or more factors.

Men also cause yeast infection and below are ways on how they cause yeast infection.

* Too much sperm,may cause yeast infection. So ask your man to pull out sometimes.

*Itchy testes,wash your testes. You also need to be washed.

*Make sure that your underwears are expensive or better yet 100% cotton to protect you and your womam from virginal infection.

*Don't sleep with multiple women,and if you do. Use protection.

Many Men are not aware that their actions may affect the partners. Please protect your partners at all times. Take care of your yourself and that way you will be protecting your partner against infections.

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