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Deal breakers In Relationships

Deal-breakers in relationships are the things that will cause you to call it quits — no matter how long you've been together. Some common deal-breakers include a partner's stance on having children, a lack of responsibility with money, or a lack of ambition.

It may sound harsh to just end things with someone because they are not perfect ,after all no relationship is perfect,right ?But having a list of relationship deal breakers is actually a healthy way to protect yourself from situations.

Here are some of the top leading deal breakers in relationships.

1. Abuse .

Never stand for abuse , remember that abuse is not only when someone hits you but it can also come in other different forms .Your partner may be dissing you and you take it lightly but that joke may turn into an everyday thing , Always , Always leave a relationship if you are always made to feel small , never settle and stick around because you feel that person is right for your .

2. You are a secret .

Imagine being kept secret from either your partner's kids or their partners.NEVER allow that to happen to you ,your time is too precious and should never be wasted in someone who doesn't want to make you a priority.

3. Substance abuse problems .

A little enjoyment is okay once in a while ,but if your partner turns it into an everyday thing ,what's going to happen next is that they will abuse you and blame it on alcohol ,not only that but they will also lose control over their finances and you as the partner will have to drown in debt in order to save your lover.

4. Plans are constantly cancelled.

They are always busy when they have to make time to see you , there is always something important they have to deal with instead of being with you .

5. Your partner is unfaithful.

I found myself sticking around even after I knew he cheated on me ,not once but multiple times .

Don't fall Victoria into their lies , if someone cheats ,never for a second think you are lacking something ,you are perfect just the way you are ...Leave the second a person starts to make you feel like yiu are not enough .

6. You want different things .

Take the matter of wanting kids ,if your partner is dead set in not wanting kids ,chances of them changing their mind at a later stage are slim .Don't hang in to a relationship thinking a person will change for you , respect yourself enough to say you want more and the person isn't right for you .

Life is far too short to spend it with someone who is not worth your time ,if your partner is controlling , annoying or wont seem to give you time of day ,it's time to call it quits !!!!!!!This will obviously be a difficult decision , imagine ending things you with someone you have been with for over two years ,but future you will surely thank you for choosing yourself and putting yourself at the top.

The list is too long to finish but my advice is always stick to your deal breakers ,NEVER compromise ,the person you are compromising for might never think twice to get rid of you .

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