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Wedding planning scene

What this man sent to his side chick before his wedding left many in disbelief

When a person decides to get married, most people believe they have decided to leave the things of the world, and that the person will only focus on their relationship and the person they are about to get married to. However, people decide to get married for different things. 

There are also people who get married, and decide to still have other people on the side. However, it is not expected for any person to be texting their side chicks few days before their wedding day. 

A man texted a woman he is having an affair with few days before his wedding. He was inviting his side to the wedding. She then asked if her man is also invited. He said her husband was not welcome because they are going to do the did before the wedding, and that if wouldn't work out if the husband is there. She then said she has to bring her husband, since he will also be by his bride's side. They then agreed on doing the deed with both their partners at the venue. What do you think of this whole thing.

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