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10 Signs he wants to be in a relationship rather than a fling.

Are you seeking for indications that he wants more than a one-night stand? Then you are covered by us. Here are ten indicators that he's committed to a relationship so that you don't try to sabotage it.

1. You don't have to do any chasing.

Men who are prepared to find a committed girlfriend and start a family don't want to hang around. Men who are emotionally secure and who make ideal life partners have a strong sense of purpose. They go and obtain whatever it is they have their eyes on. Therefore, there is no need for you to pursue.

2. He introduced you to his circle of friends.

The men looking for a relationship are the ones who aren't scared to include you in other elements of their lives and who also want to be in a committed relationship with you.

3. He informs you of everything.

He may be the right man if he discusses his previous relationships, hardships, struggles, and other personal aspects about his life. High-quality men who are emotionally stable and excellent at being vulnerable will not merely watch a Netflix show and talk about what sort of pizza you want; he's probably not looking for something long-term.

4. He's OK with losing some independence.

Men who are ready to be a part of a couple are willing to give up some of their independence. A lone man is free to do whatever he wants. A man in a committed relationship must accept that someone else has an opinion about what he does—and be OK with it.

5.He doesn't cancel plans.

Men who are serious are not flaky. They make a plan and they stick to it. If, for some reason, he has to cancel a date, he has a good reason for it (work or an emergency) and he apologizes immediately. If you've got a man that just cancels whenever he changes his mind, check the red flag again.

6. He contacts you in between dates

If you have a date set up with your man and he still make contact with you before the due date, boom, he's in the long.

7. He 's OK with labels.

Serious men don't mind being tagged with labels such as backpad, boyfriend, etc.They enjoy the responsibility and proud to introduce you as his girlfriend and tell others that he's in a relationship. This is one of the most important signs that he wants a relationship and not a fling.

8. He talks about long-term future plans.

Men who are interested in long-term relationships should bring it up early on, according to The Dating Expert. This could be an all-encompassing reference to getting married, living together, or even wanting children. It's a positive sign even to inquire about upcoming vacation plans.

9. He says he loves you.

To avoid coming out as an overly eager creeper, he might want to start off quietly. Couples who are madly in love can be so nauseating, yet he does occasionally say, "I love you."

10. He moves the relationship forward.

If a man is serious about you, he might start spending time with you at events where his employer or coworkers are also present or start treating you more casually.

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