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Dear men if you stop these 3 things you will be successful in life

As covenant children we are all destined for greatness, but it can happen if we are willing to pay the price. Every man at the top today has paid a price and if you want to be successful in life you have to be prepared to pay the same sacrifice as well. A critical look at our society today will reveal that most young men and young people have lost precedence in life. One of the major obsessions of this current generation is to make money by hook or by crook and this bad mentality has engulfed many people.

 Whatever you compromise to get, you have to compromise to keep it. Life will not give you what you want but what you deserve so you have to work for it. You cannot desire your way to the top, you are working your way up there. In order to be tall and be successful in life, there are some things you need to avoid, especially as a man. Some of them include;

 1. Fraud.

 Have you ever wondered why so many people who engage in fraud don't get far in life? This idea of ​​making money, by any means, has led many young men to internet fraud and all kinds of dishonest activities. Take note that you cannot sustain the success that you compromised to achieve. God respects principles and that is why you cannot stop these laws and expect breakthroughs. When you fight your way to the top at the expense of others, you can never get far in life. The Bible calls such a success or a smoke break because he will soon fade away. Always follow the right principles and earn your money the right way if you want to be successful in life.

 2. Hunt women.

 So many guys do this for fun, but the result says it all. So many men and young people have lost priority and that is why the rate of fraudulent activity in our society is increasing. Many relationships will devastate you if you haven't found your purpose in life yet. You can't wake up in the morning and your number one goal is to start chasing women. The first thing God gave Adam in the Bible was a job, not a wife. It goes a long way to show that there is more to your life as a man than just chasing women. Multiple sex partners will exhaust you to the core, so avoid it. Focus on development and make the right guy for you and see how women come after you.

 3. Alcohol and drug abuse.

 Alcohol and drug abuse is very dangerous and all men should avoid it. This vice has led many people to their untimely grave and you will be doing yourself a huge service if you walk away from it. Alcohol and drug abuse can harm your health and even lead to death. You cannot fulfill destiny when you engage in all of these vices, so avoid them. You become a man when you can take full responsibility for your life.

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