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Mnakwethu: The first wives club tells all

This week we get to see a different side of Mnakwethu, one where we get the opinions of the wives who were ambushed after they've had time to reflect and digest. It allows us to really see what goes on after the cameras are gone and it was just as bad as we suspected.

I've long suspected since the show started that it was never about all the traditional things that these men list. It is rather about the inane desire they have to be with multiple women. Coming to the show is more about the getting the courage to disappoint their wives than it is it about trying to build a family together.

We had radio veteran, Linda Sibiya, hosting the tell all and we got to see the aftermath of Mseleku's visit. The show started off smoothly enough until the wives started to give their opinions. The first wives clearly had a bone to pick with their husbands and the second wives.

Personally, I wasn't expecting any stories of a victorious blending of families. When all of the men were cheating on their wives, that foundation is already rickety. But seeing the men bend over their will so easily for the second wives was angering.

One of the more glamorous wives pictured above, got all her whims catered for with just a simple complaint.

However the shocker of the evening for me came from the wife who was upset about her husband having sex with his other woman in her bed.

It was shocking to hear her describe that and to see the accused seem to smirk and smile at the accusation like it was something to be proud of. Is this how polygamy is built? Bu disrespecting the sanctity of another womans marriage bed? It was awful to see and the other wives chimed in too, expressing their own disgust.

The episode ended there with everyone on the edge and the first wives feeling sidelined and bullied by both their husbands and their new wives. It was the inevitable. You can't start a family by lying, cheating and attempting to manipulate. I don't expect much from these men at all and the bare minimum proves time and time again to be difficult.

There is a simple lesson here, simple enough that a child could understand it. Placing your needs and desires above everything and everyone will result in tension and resentment. All the women are guarded and angry, overtime it will only simmer into something much worse.

I will be watching next week to see the completion of the tell all, but I dont expect my opinion to change.

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